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To meet customers’ drug discovery needs better, InterBioScreen Ltd. offers you the opportunity to obtain compounds synthesized around the Scaffolds from InterBioScreen’s libraries.

  • Select from >2 500 unique synthetic and natural-based scaffolds

  • Specify MW limits of screening compounds

  • Define any other inclusion/exclusion parameters

  • Be supplied with up to 200 - 500 compounds per scaffold

  • Choose to have compounds supplied exclusively or non-exclusively

  • Define timeframe of the project

With a network of nearly 3,000 chemists in well-equipped labs across East Europe and Central Asia states, Interbioscreen has the resources, expertise and infrastructure to synthesize screening compounds from the scaffolds of your choice. Scaffold approach is not combinatorial chemistry. This is a custom synthesis project, which means that if you select any number of scaffolds from the database, the chemist will synthesize from 100- 500 derivatives of that structure. Syntheses can be very different, some involving to 12 steps. The most value of this project is in that the synthesis is performed in accordance with the customer's guidelines /filters. Each company has its own objectives and thus specific requirements to the compounds they would wish to obtain. Since the selection of scaffolds is customer's, this means that the customer is the first to receive custom-made compounds of their choice.

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